Welcome to our store!

We have many Holiday, Spooky and fun items to choose from like "Lawn Spooky's", Wigs, Costumes, Animatronics and so much more.

We are always adding things to our online store, so if there is something you don't find exactly, please contact either Stephanie or Diane below and if we don't have the item in stock, we will be happy to  order it for you.

Our customers come first!


FREE SHIPPING in the Wichita, Kansas Area Only!

Store will be reopened in 2022.

 Location unknown at this time, but we will let everyone know when and where!

We are still taking orders and phone calls during the hours listed below. 

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Why Choose Us?


Our goal is to make sure we support you every step of the way. If there is an issue, our customer service staff are ready to help you over email or a phone call. We value your business!


We believe quality should never be a compromise. No matter what product you're looking for, we guarantee reliability. We want you to feel confident that your purchase is of the highest caliber.


While shopping with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us, our products, or even shipping, get in touch! We hope you continue to shop with us for many years to come. We use a secure and safe credit card service, so you do not need to worry about your personal information landing into anyone's hands. We do not sell or keep any information given to us by customers.


Physical store will be returning in 2022!

About Us

Diane & Stephanie


We are a small locally and family owned Halloween Store in Wichita, Kansas. My daughter, Stephanie and I have worked in the Halloween business for a few years, but only opened our first store in 2019. We carry costumes, make-up, accessories, masks, decor and much more! Shop locally!

We will be reopening our physical store in 2022.


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we are only selling online until we get our physical location set up! Once that is done, we will be allowing pick-up items and in-store shopping at our location, so please bear with us.

You can purchase online, and we will get your products to you by FedEx, UPS or USPS. It is your choice how you wish it to be delivered. If you have any questions about your order, please contact us as I'm sure that we will be able to resolve it. 

Local delivery will be using USPS.

 We do our best to make sure that our customers and employees first and foremost everyone's safety!

If you are still unsure or have an issue checking out, please feel free to contact either one of us!

Thank you for understanding!



Office Hours (Will change once the physical location has been established)

Monday - Friday

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Saturday - Sunday